Sup Lessons With Oceanautics

Our coaches in REACH BREATHE GLIDE  offer sup lessons such as standup paddleboarding and REACH BREATHE FLOW yoga we offer private and group lessons for beginner through advanced instruction.

In our sup yoga sessions and other ocean-centric activities, we discover a glide and a flow. We enter a state of mindfulness, as we are completely absorbed in the activity. We are in the zone, focused on the moment, connected to all around us. That consciousness calms our minds and rejuvenates our bodies. It builds strength, flexibility, and balance for our mind, body, and spirit. In that peace, we shed the accumulated burdens of life.

It is our journey toward, and our discovery of, the always near, the never far, that defines the thrill of going from land to water with our sup lessons. It is a practice that gives us purpose. Our glide and flow rejuvenate us as we connect the timeless rhythms of the ebb and flow with mindful sessions where we REACH BREATHE GLIDE or REACH BREATHE FLOW. This is the beauty and importance of stand up paddleboarding. Lesson prices are as follows:

  • Private SUP Lessons (One Person)—2 Hours, $200
  • Semi-Private SUP Lessons (for Two Persons)—2 Hours, $300
  • Group Lessons, Inquire at
  • Private Sup Yoga Sessions (One Person)—2 Hours, $200
  • Semi-Private Sup Yoga Sessions (for Two Persons)—2 Hours, $300
  • Group Sessions, Inquire at

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