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Our ambassador program supports those whose spirit and mindfulness inspires others.


We want to build a community with those who inspire us, join oceanautics ambassador program today.  inland or on the open ocean. If you want to REACH BREATHE GLIDE, REACH BREATHE FLOW, and be ONE WITH WATER, join our tribe.

Admission to the OCEANAUTICS Ambassador program is in the sole discretion of OCEANAUTICS.
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Mark R. Deval, P.E. – Join Oceanautics Ambassador ProgramMark R. Devall, P.E.
State: Louisiana
Specialties: SUP
For information or instruction contact Mark via:

There is just something about water…whether it’s beautiful and clear blue next to a white sandy Florida beach, or dark and mysterious in a South Louisiana Bayou, there is just something about water that appeals to the soul.  There is a balance and peace that exists on the water that can’t aptly be explained, but only experienced.  Living in Lafayette, LA I have the pleasure of routinely exploring such waterways as Bayou Vermillion, Bayou Teche and the Mississippi River, but I also have the privilege of making quick weekend trips from Destin, Fla to Austin, TX and everything in between.  Oceanautics captures that essence of the water-centric lifestyle.  Reach Breathe Glide is not an instruction – it’s a state of mind.  See you on the water!

Ariel Map viewSONNIE
State: Florida
Specialties: SUP / SURF / DIVE
For information or instruction contact SONNIE via:

A beach girl from the day she was born, Sonnie is usually no more than a few miles away from the ocean. She was born in Texas and grew up surfing and sailing the Gulf of Mexico. Sonnie began practicing and studying yoga a decade ago. She expresses body and spirit through a practice that combines moving meditation and discipline. Beginning in high school, she traveled to dive and surf the waters of the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Though she maintains her regular profession by day, in her travel and leisure time find you’ll find her exclusively engaged in glide and flow.

OCEANAUTICS is her ultimate channel for achieving tranquility on the water or on the mat. Sonnie achieves a great sense of peace during her excursions as she connects with nature and finds stillness in such a busy world. Her favorite places to Paddle and Yoga are the Florida Keys.

Key West mapGEORGE
State: Texas
Specialties: SUP / FISH
For information or instruction contact GEORGE via:

For as far back as I can remember, I have been on the water. My greatest childhood memories are of times in or near the water. My parents and grandparent instilled in me the understanding necessary to be ocean-minded. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, most of my time was spent on the water; the beaches, bayous, and lakes were my home. I skim boarded, fished, wake boarded and enjoyed the OCEANAUTICS, ocean-centric lifestyle.

The first time I stood atop a paddleboard was on the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I was nervous, my legs were shaking, but I heard REACH BREATHE GLIDE. So, I reached, I breathed, and I joyously glided over the first wave, then another and another. It is so empowering, it is so enthralling. From that first glide, I was hooked and REACH BREATHE GLIDE has become my favorite waterman activity. I paddle, fish, and explore along the coastal marshes, rivers, and lakes of the Texas Gulf Coast with my beautiful bride and anyone else who is up for an adventure. Adventure and life experiences are a priority, and good stories to tell my children are a must. Like many who live along the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys occupy a special place in my heart. I have many SUP expeditions planned for the Conch Republic.

To me, OCEANAUTICS is more than the purveyor of my apparel and accessories. It is being one with water, a transformative experience, and the the most joyful way to spend time on the water. OCENAUTICS promotes a lifestyle of getting out there on the ocean and experiencing what your higher power has in store for you.

Michael WrightMichael Wright

It's all about the board! The feeling you get when you Reach Breathe Glide across the water is inexplicable. From the turquoise waters of Key West to the inland waters of the Gulf Coast, it calms the soul. There is a balance and peace that exists on the water that can?t aptly be explained, but only experienced. Living along the Texas Gulf Coast, I enjoy the peace and tranquility of paddling inland lakes, rivers, marshes, big bays and the Gulf of Mexico - not to mention my favorite destination: Key West! It is peace, serenity, and exhilaration to quietly explore crystal clear waters, breathing in all of creation; not to mention the greatest whole body workout ever known. Oceanautics captures the essence of my ocean-centric lifestyle. REACH BREATHE GLIDE is the 'Key' to tranquility.