About Us – SUP Lessons and Sup Clothing!

OCEANAUTICS is committed to promoting an ocean-centric lifestyle.

We offer SUP lessons, stand up paddleboarding, SUP clothing, and premium apparel, and personal instruction. Glide and flow define the physical and mindfulness exercises that we teach. We glide and flow as we engage in, and ultimately master, activities suited to our innate potential. Through SUP lessons such as SUP surfing, diving, and fishing, we mindfully connect to the world around us in a way that cannot otherwise be achieved. We experience joy. This joy leaves us more confident and promotes our sense of wellness and vitality.

REACH BREATHE GLIDE and REACH BREATHE FLOW, our glide, flow, and mindfulness techniques come with intrinsic rewards. You experience transformative glide and flow during intense concentration with our SUP lessons. As your skills grow, in spite of your intense focus on the task at hand, your activities seem effortless. Through this, you gain a sense of control while experiencing a cessation of self-consciousness that halts the flow of time.

In this modern, hustle-and-bustle world, we still discover perfect days, great sessions, tight lines, and beautiful reefs–places where we are alone with the water with our stand up paddle boarding and SUP lessons, and our thoughts. Live in the sunshine; share your wisdom; tell great tales; swim the clear waters; navigate truly; paddle well against winds and tides while wearing our SUP clothing; appreciate the therapeutic value of silence, or be the company to whom others do not have to constantly react.


Our instructors break SUP lessons down into three simple actions: REACH BREATHE GLIDE. If you can reach, and you can breathe, then you can glide across the water with us. Beginners and experienced paddle alike benefit from our REACH BREATHE GLIDE method of SUP lessons. Born from the thousands of miles of inland waters and open oceans we’ve done stand up paddle boarding across, as well as from the SUP lessons we’ve learned training with Olympic champions and the world’s top SUP athletes, this method will have you REACH BREATHE GLIDE across the water in your first session. For experienced paddlers, we’ll focus on engaging major muscle groups over minor and using gravity to accelerate you to the podium.

Yoga is an important part of our training. Our SUP clothing is very comfortable for Yoga. Whether you are new or seeking to take your yoga practice deeper, our REACH BREATHE FLOW practice will be the right fit for you. Our instructors take you from beginner yoga sequences and foundational poses to more advanced and empowering ones. You’ll boost your confidence, build stamina, reclaim your sense of steadiness, and continue your personal growth as you mindfully REACH BREATHE FLOW with our Yoga and SUP lessons.

We facilitate the mindful growth of your yoga practice. This activity is the catalyst for deep emotional releases, spiritual awareness, and physical well-being. As you REACH BREATHE FLOW, you will surge upward to the heightened benefits of yoga that energize you on and off the mat.

Contact OCEANAUTICS for custom pieces, group outfitting, or just to say “Hey!”. We ship our apparel, equipment, and accessories to customers worldwide.